“Problem Areas,” Seasons 1 and 2

This show was part in-studio news show and part documentary. Wyatt Cenac is a purist and approached his wardrobe wanting an authentic look that was signature and straightforward. The garments were vintage 1970’s M65 jackets with elements added to them as we progressed from episode to episode I created this narrative,  featuring Imogene and Willie,  Howlin Knit Wearand Todd Snyder creating unique costumes for each episode,  including promotional images, and trailers. 

“Problem Areas” was a late-night topical show that aired on HBO in 2018 and took a look at one national issue like policing or education and focused on how various cities tried to find ways to reform those systems into something that would better serve them. Season 1 focused on policing. In Season 2, the show looked at public education.

For a more detailed description, you can read this or this or this … or watch the show. All 20 episodes of “Problem Areas” are available on HBO Max and YouTube.