Questlove MET Ball

This was a rather interesting experience. I had a vision, a client, and two fashion potential partners, Greg Lauren and Zegna. The concept was an homage to Andre Leon Talley who had his memorial a few days prior to the Met Ball.

Both partners presented formal looks. Zegna’s immaculate tailored formal wear with an Andre Talley-inspired coat. Greg Lauren and Gee’s Bend created a formal look that had a quilted tailcoat that represented Black woman’s labor and was an homage to American craft.

In an unusual step, Questlove chose to ride the middle for this iconic look. This look was the Greg Lauren and Gee’s Bend tailcoat tux worn under the  Zegna Coat. He wore the coat on the red carpet and revealed Gee Bend’s tailcoat inside the event. Needless to say, no one was happy.

The conversation had in the press about the nature of collaboration and collaborators was poignant. Regardless of the opinion of the partners, the wardrobe spoke to the Met Ball’s theme, “Gilded Glamour” and his actions brought attention to this problematic Gilded Age concept in the face of the complex times after the pandemic.

Questlove has gone on to participate in a diversity campaign with Zegna.


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