The New York Times, “Taking New York by the Hand”

This article is in The New York Times Fashion Style section, titled “Taking New York by The Hand,” written for The Look, a segment that examines style, identity, and culture through a visual-first lens.

This photo essay is a series of interviews with young people who get their nails done in elaborate designs by “Nail artist” in New York and examines the trends that have developed in “Nail” culture. This article features the work of Cardi B’s stylist Jenny Bui among others, at various salons across New York.

In addition to writing the essay, I scouted the locations, cast the subjects “street-styled,” and conducted the interviews. The photographs were shot on location by Jeffrey Henson Scales, a veteran photographer, editor of the Opinion Op-Ed Section and the annual Year in Review.

This photo essay is part of an ongoing collaboration with the photographer.