We are #theworkersinthebackroom

The fallout of being a fashion stylist and the speed with which we are forced to embrace the new without reflection in a system that  pays only some while others work in slavery or  indentured servitude.

Most people don’t need new clothing. They just need to feel like themselves. It is not a static thing being yourself. You grow into yourself, and with that comes comfort; there is no longer a separation of selves. #Comfortisluxury  Glamour is determined by access to things outside of ourselves. It’s not controlled by your gaze but by the gaze of others. Influence by others leads one to be ruled by others. We #nurtureselfexpession.

The wearer as a brand identity, the idea, is  lauded more than the maker in this need to constantly define the self through the acquisition of items that will never be worn but are souvenirs of prestige and alignment. Trophy clothing.

Clothing is not a reflection of a brand ethos but of your ethos, the lived experience of you. It is about simple humanity and love. Growing to a level of understanding with your own definition of self in a group and not following fashion gangs. It is mature but not dated or steeped in tradition or aspiration.

Vernacular styling is allowing someone to be themself. It is not about artifice; it is about understanding and creating a visual space that is nurturing.

Clothing is either armour or aesthetics.  We chose to ride in the middle.

In a photo there is a moment of  quietness, and at that moment there is a decision to be a public or a private figure. Vernacular styling is in the middle.

Clothing is the strongest outward symbol of the self and it mirrors a truth, the viewer’s gaze of the subject’s experience … but we find our strength elsewhere.

We are focusing that gaze on connection and intimacy of the viewer and the subject. The clothing is part of their story.

No middle men. No PR people. No translators. No gatekeepers.

 Glamour is just a foil for someone else’s vision, which is always a bad fit. #Fityourself

We are not anti-glamour, but we understand it.
It is not eliminating the glam squad. It is putting it in its place, grooming.

We should wear our clothing like we wear our skin. Clothing is meant to be worn, not displayed. Closets are not department stores.

#buythegreat #buythewellmade #understandcraft #processdeterminescost #appreciatetheprocess #respecttheprocess



For the workers in the back room: Without you there is no fashion.

Workers make the design, design creates the workers, workers design the work, and the work designs the workers. The circle.

We work to build an equitable economy where there is payment for services and shared collaborative credit. Working circularly, not just a hierarchy of top-down, where the designer or head creative gets sole credit.

We foster community




#foster community



Supporting local makers and craftspeople. Clothing should show signs of life. Rips, tears, stains, alterations.


#repairand reuse

It is simple , it is humanity and love.