Jay-Z & Beyoncé On the Run Tour

If you don’t blink, you will see me in the video announcing this groundbreaking first collaborative tour with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. As Jay-Z’s head of wardrobe and ambiance coordinator, I collaborated on the wardrobe with stylists June Ambrose and Marni Senafonte, developing systems of costume changes and wardrobe maintenance. 

“Ambiance coordinator” is a staff person who creates and manages the daily build and breakdown of the green rooms for the talent. I designed and developed the concept for the dressing rooms and wardrobe rooms.

These luxurious rooms replicated a luxury hotel suite and a private club with hotel amenities, complete audiovisual systems, private dining and a nursery/playroom. Their contents were stored in travel cases and taken in a semi-truck to every show. I designed each aspect of the rooms, including the tabletop, flowers and other amenities. 

The images below show one of the many concepts I presented for the tour.