Pour Notre Ami Frans – Frans Nieuwendam

“My Friend Frans” is a memorial project commissioned to celebrate the life of Frans Nieuwendam. I  created this collaborative project with music submitted by Frans’s friends and family that celebrated their personal and collective history. Frans’s ashes were pressed into the clear vinyl album by And vinyl. The thumbprints featured were from a scan of one of his high school ID cards.  A  piece of Frans’s memorabilia collection, the postcard, and a business card are replicas of a pass from a  New York City club, The Loft,  that invites you to a website designed by @mstrcreative for online listening. 

The album was mixed by Henri Scars Struck, a Grammy Award winner. The cover was designed in-house and executed by Stephen Male.

The studio and I look forward to working with clients on similar “memento vita” projects.