Unsanctioned Collaborations: Crocs 1/20/21 Birthday Love.

I love a good celebrity “collabo,” but with so many drops and celebrity collaborations .. there is more behind the curtain of what collaboration can be.  These Crocs were not sanctioned by Croc and speak my belief that art leads to innovation. They have not yet had a significant female-led design initiative. This is my way of leading by example.

These are collaborations were done for Questlove’s 50th Birthday as a gift from myself to him.  In the spirit of Dapper Dan,  Croc was not creating “cool” products in my client’s size 15,  I created these in response.

This collaboration featured the artistry of several BIPOC Female creatives under my direction;  Maggie Ruder, Production Designer,  Carla Mallari, Artist, Sope of 3 Finger Painting, and Laura Ann Young of Future Perfect.  These amazing ladies and brilliant collaborators have become a  part of my regular circle of contributors.